Piss And Cat Esbians

Toilet Come Here, We Have To Go

I got a pair of new wonderfully nasty cbt toys. But first we call our living toilet, because we really need to shit. The little mutt takes every effort to swallow the shit of Lady Domi and me immediately. He could have done it without our cbt treatment, but it’s just too much fun to torture his balls. He has to stand this and gets one toy after another.

The Blonde Dominatrix And Her Shit Eating Slave…

Blonde Donna loves to meet young girls and have crazy shitsex with them… and she always finds new….



Scat: My Immaginary Slave

All in italian, my immaginary slave by me in Sardinia at the first lesson. Becarefull, the slave is not real, may be will be just you! Mp4