Piss And Cat Hottie

Ms D’s Furious Booty Blasts!!

Ms D is back with more gas and splash!!! NOBODY on this site rips them like my OG FUNKYlady!! Ms D still got it as she is back with two hot naked clips. She waste no time blasting farts and sharts in the first scene, pover three minutes of gassy poots, pee and plops. In the second she returns with a pre-shower dump, squatting above the bowl to realease some long, wet, soft looking turds. Good thing she was about to shower, because she was gonna need one after this dump!!! The shit got all over her ass, Enjoy as she does her best to clean her dirty, messy ass, showing her nasty toilet paper to the camera as well. Two more to add to your Ms D collection!!

Peing In Angel Wicky’s Mouth

Angel Wicky sneaked into my room, and kidnapped me. So it is time to take a revenge ! I dragged her to the shower, and peed in her mouth.. She swallowed it all.. Than i make her pee on my pussy, while im getting an orgasm..

Renee’s Easter Eggs!!!

Renee was in a holiday mood last weekend!! Enjoy as she dropped a nice load of those nice “Cadburry Chocolate Bunnies” from out her ass into a container!!! She was really dropping some Rotten Eggs in this clip!!! You get to enjoy those classic Brown Sinker turpeedoes she’s know for up close and personal!!!

Taco Bell Mmm…

I had to pee really bad but someone was in the bathroom. While relieving my self in a bucket I started to poop. It was loose with little clumps.I guess eating Combo Beef burritos from Taco Bell was a great idea. Loose poop like to be stubborn so I grabbed the Hitachi to help me push out the rest.