Piss And Noodles

Please Do Not Fuck Me! I Have To Pee!

Are you serious? Just because I run around like a cheap slut in the kitchen, with short mini skirt and no panties do you really mean to have to fuck me immediately? Not now, please, because my bladder is full and I have to pee! Yes, just push me down on the floor to blow and stick your dick in my mouth. Bang me on the table and just push your cock in my pussy. Sure, just do it, the bitch wants it that way. But it does not stop me from pissing. I just piss on your cock and my beam is so hard that I piss on you completely. Yes just fuck on, does not bother me too! Yes and inject your sperm just into my wet MILF cunt. Just look at the wet sperm and piss hole on what you have left … Thank you too!

138 Creamy Shit And Farts In Your Mouth

You don’t want to eat my shit but I know how to make you eat them! You are going to be my toilet, this is your fate slave… toilet slave hahaha Oh I forgot about the smelly farts that I have … hahaha

The Chocolate Pudding Kack

Well I’ve never done something tasty to eat again. It has also tasted great. Sorry but you are not otherwise have been since I’d like to share.