Piss And Poop On Toilet

Bad Painted P4

The Scatqueens have fun to see how the toilet slave is working with the big pile of shit in his mouth. He has to paint the wall.

Broken Toilet 12 – Global Warming

Global warming makes me HOT and in more ways than one 😉 It is a HUGE concern for me. I’ve been thinking about how my slave and I can do our part in helping saving the planet for future generations, GODDESS TEMPEST STYLE!It’s pure common sense actually, if we consume less food then less food have to be produced countering global warming. So my trusted slave and I have come up with a plan. What if we “recycle” the food I ate that my body already used? There are still a little bit nutrients in human feces so that is the answer!We still have to stick to the natural order of things though. I eat all the nice foods my slave cooks and in a day or two when my body is done with it I’ll simply shit into his mouth. He has to swallow of course and that way his body can absorb the nutrients that’s left in my shit meaning nothing goes to waste. At the same time I get HUGE satisfaction from seeing him eat my shit, my ENTIRE bowel movement directly from my asshole.Watch as you see me push one creamy turd after another out into his mouth, see how he gag and suffer as he chew and swallow everything. I apologize in advance, it gave me such intense erotic pleasure that I simply couldn’t help playing with myself, seeing him suffer to chew and swallow everything. When I push out the second load he licks my asshole. He knows I like the feeling of my shit push the tip of his tongue away as it comes out. As I push out the third load it get softer and extremely foul smelling. Seeing how he is struggling to swallow all that down just aroused me even more. Like any good slave he offers to lick my asshole clean and as he tongue fucks my shit smeared asshole I simply unload a fourth soft and creamy load into his mouth. It felt so good to feel that soft shit of mine his tongue out of my asshole and fill his mouth up again.After this I thought I was done but the stirring in my bowels tells me there is another massive and nasty load that is coming, FAST! My slave is so devoted that he saw this in my facial expression and without me asking he offers to seal his open mouth over my asshole and swallow as I empty myself. As I feel his soft and dirty lips sealing tight onto my asshole and his tongue gently sliding into my still full rectum I just let go. I experience the feeling of my bowels as I unload a very nasty and soft load filling his mouth very quickly. I experience his swallowing actions, extreme gagging and squirming. I feel it in every part of every anal and rectum nerve and the arousal is simply too much. I don’t want to stop, for several seconds I feed him a steady “flow” of nasty, creamy shit. Heaven only knows where all of that came from, I suppose it was stuck in my bowels for days. Despite his extreme discomfort he keeps his mouth sealed tight onto my asshole and accept his fate as he simply keep swallowing. By keeping his mouth over a beautiful woman’s asshole swallowing her shit he shows his devotion. Not only to saving the planet but also to woman everywhere. The fact that he can see my soaking wet and swollen vagina as I rub my clit in between but he only gets to lick my asshole and swallow my shit. That is TRUE RESPECT from a man towards the female gender 🙂

Shitting On The Bathroom Floor

Shitting on the bathroom floor (JJ000591)