Piss And Shit In Bowl

Mistress Kennya Humiliation Ashtray And Piss Drinking

In the first scene, Mistress Kennya good friend doing a solo movie, while she ecite and humiliate her slaves, making them addicted by her beauty! Then, Mistress Kennya record today another toilet movie with her toilet slaves. She relaxed on the coach and smoke a cigarette. She order her slaves to come closer and watch her drink her coffee and smoke. The sluts are so thirsty and they ask for a coffee also…. Mistress spit in their cups, put some coffee and then she get their cups one after another and fill them directly from her pussy with a golden nectar ! She announce them that they must drink all her morning piss because coffee was over.

My Shitty Breakfast

Does your morning start with oatmeal? And mine with a plate of freshly shit. What a pleasure to shit in a plate, then sniff and taste, slowly eat it with a teaspoon. Then get up and shove a piece of shit in my pussy and get him out of there with a spoon and eat. What a pleasure to savor every piece of such sticky and warm shit. Chew, swallow and feel it in your stomach. My weekend morning is divine thanks to this breakfast

Little Eat Shit Your Dea Need Lunch

Toilet slaves, your goddess comes with high heels and a nice plate, you want to prepare ahead pranzetto …. open your mouth that soon there ready …. I pee and scat so abundant in the pot .. uhm .. ready for you have real hunger? all while you humiliate properly .. eat shit

Nasty Meal

Ohio is hungry for a quick meal but doesnt like what she makes