Piss And Shit Rough Tube

Close Contact! Christina. Part 2!

Close contact! Christina. Part 2! Girls can realize a variety of fantasies with the toilet slave. Slave can be used, for example, in the role of furniture. The girl can lie on him like on a bed and enjoy the way he sniffs, kisses and licks her ass. The slave relaxes the anus of Mistress, who can relish fart into his mouth or give him to try a little piece of crap. And then, the toilet slave is used for his intended purpose. Mistress fills his mouth with her sweet shit, and then sits on it, pressing it into the slave’s mouth. The slave swallows very quickly so as not to suffocate. And this is a close contact.

Nanny Aki Shits For Cash!

Her job as a nanny pays good, but it won’t hurt to earn cash on the side. All she has to do is to show off her body and shit on the floor. Easy, right? So she takes off her clothes to reveal her good underwear, all pink lace and shit. After showing off her tits and cunt, she squats over a glass bowl and unloads a cupful of piss! She moves to the next act and sits over a tissue paper on the floor. There she unloads a bunch of scat, enough for her client’s liking! For the encore, she spits on his hand and then asks for her hefty payment!

Mega Turd From Belgium…

This sweet Girl is doing a sensational turd in her small appartment in Antwerp….

‘hd’ ‘full Bladder Explosion Into Measuring Jug’

I drank a lot, prepared the camera and went to bed because I was very tired. In the middle of the night I woke up and I had to pee so badly, I hardly could undress and squat down in time. You will see that I lose some drops in the process. The stripes on my body come from sleeping in my clothes, I am sure you know those, so don’t worry. And then it happened. It was really an ocean roaring into the jug, there are no words to describe the sheer power of that pee stream and I am not exaggerating. Minutes after that I could still feel it in my tummy. I even had the feeling of a rush from adrenaline. I forgot some of the script because I was so taken away by the huge feeling of relief. I am sure you will still enjoy this. The jug holds 1.3 liters and I miss a bit in the beginning, so go figure…I also want to say, I did not know that I was capable of this.