Piss And Shit Underwear

Stupid Slave Wants My Butthole’

Oops! Pushing out these thick fat shit is hard! My tight little asshole certainly has its surprise for you, stupid slave ? At first it’s easy – and feels pleasurable to push…One of the biggest I’ve ever had to groan and push out my asshole. That one took, and was so thick and hard, it really hurt! ? In a good way, of course… but it was so intense I could barely restrain myself! As a reward for the slave I have huge farts at the end!


Aliona is hot messy and stinky pooping in sexy beige flowers jeans!


she poses a mean squat and soft shit in his mouth

Poop On Red Chair!

I just got back from working out and of course, I have to poop. Watch me squat over my red chair and take a big shit and piss on it. Oh I also have the hiccups so you’ll have to pardon me…;)