Piss And Shit Videos

Eating Shit For The First Time

Miss Jane grabs a new one to use as a toilet. You never know how the toilet works. She pisses into his mouth for a long time and nothing overflows, then she shits herself out, several sausages she squeezes out of her ass but the toilet has swallowed everything completely. Not bad for the first time.

Fucking A Woman Coated In Feces! – Part 1

Inside the cellar of the prison, this sweetheart is stripped of her clothes until she is completely naked! Then, a plastic bag is fitted over her head! Just before it gets empty of air, it is taken off of her, causing her to grasp for air and catch her breath! However, while in the middle of doing so, a cock is thrusted inside her mouth, leaving her repeatedly gagging! It doesnÂ’t take long before she is able to adjust and is in the middle of giving him a blowjob! Shortly after, she is laid on her back and fucked right in the pussy! Everything seemed normal until a woman defecated on her body! The feces is then smeared all over her, including her face, while being continuously pounded in her vagina!

Dont Fill Him Up, We Need To Poop Too Part 7 Gabi

In this Movie, the Slave had a Chance to touch himself, but everything went South. He told me afterwards, he came early and could not swallow anymore, but then the Girls even Pooped Oversizes and the Girls did not take NO for an Answer. You will eat it because you will Eat it.English Subtitles

Knees And Shit Giant Sausage Pov

Kneeling on the toilet and shit a giant sausage,pretty close and you look from below the rosette can!!Open your mouth wide for the mega dose….