Piss And Squirtcum

Lady Luisa – Presented And Shit In The Slaves Mouth P1

Scatqueen’s Lady Domi shows her friend Lady Luisa a shit and vomit eater. After Lady Luisa spit in his mouth, it does not take long, and the slave has his mouth full of shit. Lady Luisa looks closely at how the toilet slave eats the shit and then the puke of Lady Domi and spits even in his mouth.

236 What I Do Before Scat

My dear, may be you think I’m a scat girl… or a scat MILF may be, but it is not true. I’m a MISTRESS. I like to subdue the slave and i like tortures, whipping in this clip. I’ mercyfull and I have no mercy at the same time. The award is pissing here. Italian language. MP4

Shit Instead Of Hay

With Miss Cherie I’m doing my rounds on my pasture, while we catch a slave as he eats my hay. Although he is only a livestock, but the hay is not intended for him. To punish him, Miss Cherie shits in his mouth and I piss his dirty face clean again.That he does not like this does not matter for us, so he gets a couple of beats on top. Sometimes livestock needs this. *laugh*