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Messalina 1

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Guilty Husband Gets A Taste Of Wife’s Snot! – Full Movie

She’s totally mad at him after she discovered lipstick stain on his collar. Scared of his wife’s wrath, he grovels and kneels at her feet, begging her forgiveness. She tells him that she will forgive him only he will accept her disgusting bodily fluids! So she blows her nose until sticky snot comes out of her nostrils. She lets the snot drip all over his face. She gathers the snot on a tissue and makes him eat out of it!

Dirty Piss Party 05 (nikki Cam)

One of my slaves had the stupid idea that he could say no to me. I ordered him to lick the cum form another slave but he refused. So to teach him a lesson, I whipped him yellow and blue, and I kick him really hard as a punishment.I tell my other slave that it is never vice to reject an order from me, because I know he could not suffer the consequences.So I tell my friend that we need to punish them even more. I order the slaves on the floor, and it is time to soak them in our pee! I decide to pee through my pantyhose, so that the slave will have big problems catching all the pee. My friend stands over my other slave and pee a really lot in his pathetic mouth. When I leave the room, I tell the slave to clean up whatever hit the floor!

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