Piss Ass Drinkers

Bunny Women

Latin women with black bunney mask strips off then from the front does a piss in a bucket, she then turns around and does a shit in the same bucket. Music in the background

It Was Really Tasty Crap Of Christina!

Cristina’s shit is still green – the activated charcoal has not yet come out completely, but the shit was pleasant to the taste. When swallowing, I did not feel nauseous. Today, Cristina started antibiotic treatment from ureaplasma, so I also have it, because I swallow her shit. Antibiotics destroy the intestinal microflora – let’s see what kind of shit it will taste next time.

Nice 250 Grams

Oh yes, the irritable bowel syndrome has struck again. From close up you look at how this huge amount of winds out of my butt. We look at the pile just to weigh it and then try to wash down the toilet!

Ariel Talks About Her Shit

Sexy Ariel Black talks about her ass, shit and shit hole. Dirty and messy farts just for you to enjoy. Dark brown and smelly.