Piss Black Adonis

Becoming Shit-eater

My slut Angelica after our with slavegirl deception became a shit eater. Once I trick him eat my shit, I’m not gonna back down. And now Angelica will eat my shit regularly. But first I’ll torture him. Shunt into the urethra and whipping member for education submission, wax on cock and strapon in the ass these are my tools of persuasion. Soon very soon he will beg me to shit in his mouth, because my sweet shit for him is associated with pleasure.

Eat My Vomit Slave P3

Here comes Mistress Michelle. All three Scatqueens pee into the toilet slave’s mouth. He swallows and swallows everything good. Then Lady Katharina shits and stuffs her shit into the mouth of the slave. After that Lady Grace shits into the bathtub.

Mistress Roberta – High Heels To Suck Clean, Ass To Lick And Breakfast-pov

Today i took my sexy mini dress and high heels shit over the massage table and pee and after i decided to smear first the high heels for you to suck them clean, i take the shit in my hand to smear the sides of the high sole of the shoes, for you to lick it clean, my ass is also smeared form all the movements while shitting so i give it to you also to lick clean, and after all this teh shitty left overs are waiting you on the table so bon apetit.

Shit Spit On And Then Tried

Spit and shit on you can always watch me probiert.Wie it like shit and piss I beautiful and great in a close-up. It was not, but I tried it again. Well, you get too hungry on it?