Piss Blonde Groupd

Late Night Work Turns To Piss Drinking!

With only the two of them left inside the office in the middle of the night, this man and woman decides to take advantage of the opportunity that they have the place all to themselves! At first, they strip off their clothes! Once both are rendered naked, the lady sits on the guy’s face to feed him with her pussy! Shortly after, he takes control of the situation! He bends her over and then continues orally pleasuring her vagina! When she gets satisfied with it, things took a turn for the worst! She drags him to the comfort room where she proceeds to lay him on the floor! She then positions herself on the toilet and, without warning, urinates all over his face! Caught off-guard, the guy isn’t able to appropriately react, causing him to stay where he lies and get pissed! In the process, he gets some urine inside his nose and mouth which he ends up swallowing!

Daniela Scat Girl

Daniela loves to have extreme sex with her boyfriend. She likes fisting, pissing and shitting. Special: This is Danielas first scene.

Aria’s Chattin’ And Crappin!

Aria was in the bathroom for a good while in these two great clips – but luckily she wasn’t alone! Enjoy as she has two hilarious conversations with her friend while also dropping some heavy mega logz in the bowl!!! I wonder what she has been eating lately cuz it’s got this girl literally dropping bombz like saddam!! No complaints here, as I could watch this juicy ass of hers on the toilet all day!! Enjoy as she grunts, pl0ps, and strains and spreads those sexy asscheeks while also discussing literature, film, and music in humorous fashion with her friend. You aria fans know she often has entertaining conversations while at the same time! It gets even funnier when she is describing the smell and chatting about how the lysol she sprayed to cover her stiny smell is too ‘minty’, lol That sexy voice of hers just drives me wild!! I would love to be chatting it up with this honey while she’s going anyday!! Enjoy as she sticks that phat ass in the air while peeing her golden nectar as well

Hot Shit In The Nature

There is bran just nearby on the road where I took a shit in the morning in their garage near the traktor…HOT TURD!