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She Is Stripping And Pissing All Over The Floor

She is stripping and pissing all over the Floor

Little Men’s Best Friend Eats My Shit

Little men’s best friend had to watch everything from the corner.. He was kneeling there in the dirty, cold corner sad and naked with fear in his heart.. But i dragged him out and explained that his fear will come true.. He will be treated the same way as his friend. I will pee and shit in his mouth, and he has to swallow it.. To show my deep opinion about him i also shit on the little cock. I do all this in front of my pretty friends, so its even more humiliating..

No Need For Talking Part 1

Part 1 of the Movie ‘No Need for talking with Thalia’ .Here the Slave is already set up as Toilet with a Mouth Opener in Place comfortable for the Girls to use. The Girl just opens his Mouth with the Switch tied to his Arm, poops into him and after finishing she sits down on the Chair next to it and keeps her Shoe on his Mouth until he swallowed all and leaves. Movie has english Subtitles