Piss Compliation

Billie’s Wall Grabbing Farts And Bombs!

Billie was really dropping some monsters as usual in this one!! She was gassier than usual in these three clips as well. Enjoy as she has to hold on tight to squeeze some of these turds from out her ass!! My favorite SBBW starlet really puts out a prodigious amount of poop in each clip!! Enjoy the cacaphony of activity from other women in the adjacent stalls as they come and go while Billie is dropping anchor!! Yet another wonderful display of Billies Ass at work!!!

Naughty Maid Piss And Scat Domination!

This naughty maid humiliates her slave by trampling him and then pissing all over his pathetic face. He is ordered to clean and lick his mistresses beautiful pussy clean and as a way of thanks she squats over him and delivers balls of fresh shit into his mouth! Because there is too much shit, she uses her feet to smudge and smear the shit across his face humiliating him further. ***Special discount

Grunts And Plops From Her (wmv)

Another clip for scat beginners who would like to sit in on the whole thing but dont need allthe visual. This all started when I decided to make a big pot of bean soup for my self..you would think it would make me fart over and over and loud..but no.. not only were they quiet as usual but they were juicy poots.. and then the rumble began. I desperately had to sit down as my stomach and ass took over. Involuntarily it smoothly came out but wait.. the last load just wont come out. So I had to push and push and to finally …