Piss Covered Mad

Drop Your Load In My Mouth

My man drops a huge load straight into my mouth like soft serve ice cream into a cone. I really take my time chewing and licking and eating this load. I take almost 2 minutes to savor this treat. I smear a little and also lick my hands and fingers enjoying myself.


Hot baby is running messy diareeah for you!

Toilet Slave Training Extreme, By Tina And Rosella!

A user has written to me and Tina, and wanted that we train him to toilet slave. Have invited him into our fuck-Urbanization and made him to our, living toilet. We both have so much pissed him into his slaves mouth, he could hardly. But he wanted to swallow our piss, so there’s no turning back! He probably had not expected that it was a gross amount as he had to swallow. While we filled him totally off he was also humiliated verbally by us and then had to lick our pussies clean!

My Shit Just For You

Come, I want to give you my fresh shit and hope that you’d be happy