Piss Cumm Throat Dad

Snake From My Ass

Do you like my sweet, hairy pussy, pee and dirty ass? I did not do shit a few days so a snake comes out of my ass. I tell you to lick my sweet pussy and dirty ass and eat my beautiful shit. At the end, I say you would clean up my mess.

My Orgasm And Shit

Fooling around in bed, I get my toys out and start playing with my toys and have multiple orgasms; once my partner sticks his finger up my ass I have to shit!He runs and gets me a bucket so I can shit off the side of the bed.

Polish Sausage Pushed Out And Pissing

At the weekend I was at the Mongols eating delicious. And out comes a beautifully shaped, creamy sausage. You should you must see, as I sit in front of the camera in my high heels and my asshole slowly expands 😉 After I pushed out the sausage, I will continue to flow to the toilet and my champagne to top it still comes after a small chocolate sausage.