Piss Domination Pee Boxers

Renee’s Rock Candy!!

Renee is one of my favorites!!! I show enjoy the solid collection of solids she consistently produces!!! This cutie unleashes a consistent barrage of “heavy sinkers”!!! Enjoy some more backsplashing logs. Then enjoy in one scene as she releases some Rock candy into a container to ship to one of her fans!! Seriously if you enjoy your treats from the ladies, she is one to collect!! Another great set from Renee!!

Reality Tv Show Pissing & Shitting! – Part 6

The men will decide which shit was the tastiest and whose ass is the best. Right now they are having such a hard time deciding who will actually win the show.

Mistress Gaia – Scat Punishment – Hd Version

This a special day. I’m having my slave answer some serious questions. I have continually requested that he doesn’t talk about other mistresses in front of me. He has dissobayed my instructions. So now I’m going to punish him for his dissobedience. He has been lying on the floor waiting for a considerable time. That should have allowed him to contemplate his punishment. I begin with some facesitting. His muffled attemps to breath or speak, are easily snuffed out with my beautifull ass on his face. As I continue, I decide to let him further enjoy the aroma of my ass, by farting into his face. Such a lucky slut. As he continually struggles for air, I prepare him for my special treat. I’m going to get this dissobedient slut to eat my shit. With his mouth open, I relieve myself with a good fart, followed by a nice pile of shit directly into his mouth and face. I tell him to swallow it. He manages to get some shit on me, so I’ve to clean myself. He’s a discusting slut, and I will need to consider further punishment for him. For now I’ll leave him to choke, and suffocate for a while on my exotic shit. Enjoy!!

Rushing To Shit!

This woman is rushing to get in the public toilet as she can’t hold it anymore, she sat down, pisses and pushes out her hold up shit!