Piss Drik Djob

Peeing On Her Tits

Peeing on her tits (JJ000497)

Toilet Slave Training Extreme! Puke-snot-cum-cocktail!

Now the formation of the all-absorbing toilet slave walked on. After he had swallowed my shit and piss, I had for him an extreme surprise. I spits into a glass, then I gave the slaves a Deep Throat and puked and slobbered thereby also into the glass until the slave, also in the glass, squirts. This cocktail of snot, vomit and sperm had then drink completely the slave!

He Must Eat My Shit!

— ENGLISH SUBTITLES –I’m back, slaves.After a two month’s break, I begin again to upload clips regulary.In this little introduction, I show you how I start to train my slave to eat full loads of shit with his face in a garbage bag, so garbage is just he is for me.This time he was so lucky and, so I had to going out on party with my friends, I let him a portion of shit inlaid in his nose.Of course, after make him eat a big part of my shit, between some spit, snots and a few stombs with my black and sexy boots.He had to stay all night still I come again with my shit glued in his nosetrails, inhaling the smelly odor of my tasty waste.Great pee drinking and shit eating. Enjoy it!Mail contact:

Shit In Hot Nylons And High Heels

I have very sexy Dessous,Nylons and High Heels on and i make you very hot!! Then i shit on the bed,you see my sexy Ass when the shit come!!