Piss Drink Slave Funnel

Exotic Piss & Shit

Sitting on my sink I feel very sexy early in the morning and I’m seducing you with my perky tits as I open my legs and piss my golden shower is luring you in as I put my feet in your face and open up again and begin to fart and shit and the shit comes out so smooth like a snake and slides down as it makes you cum this is a short but cum shooting video that touches each fetish you desire

Pooping Facing You In My Living Room

In this clip I poop in a plate while facing you. It is hard poop in smaller quantity (type 2 of Bristol chart). Then I show my asshole while laying on my back. In the final scene I zoom the camera to show my poop in many angles.

Monster Poop At Work!

I’m doing the night shift at work and of course, I have to poop! I have been taking a lot of fiber lately and damn is this a gigantic shit! If only I hadn’t taken the shit in the toilet bowl…if I had shit on the floor instead, you would have seen how big of a pile it was! Not to worry, you can still see the monster as it sits in the toilet, huge!!!