Piss Drinking Glass

Mistress Gaia – A Special Treat For You

Sit down here doggie I know you are hungry but don’t worry, I have a special treat for you. Yesterday night, I had dinner in a fine restaurant with my friends. The food was superb and now I am partaking it with you. Look, your meal is coming out of my ass-hole. It’s a big hard chunk, you need to chew it well before swallowing but, look, to make your job easier I’m also to give you something to drink. It’s even better than the Champagne I drank yesterday. Good appetite!!!

Training To The Toilet P2

First, the slave must eat the shit on the instructions of Mistress Michelle. Then he has to lick the grid. There’s shit on it. Mistress Michelle then spits in his mouth and shits into the cage on the hand of the toilet slave. He can not eat that. He has to lick it, very slowly.

Scat And Anal Treatment

My slave is lying on the bed. As I feel pressure on my gut I urge him to open his mouth wide. Now he can do his job as my toilet.I shit him a big load directly into his open mouth and piss to rinse beautifully on top. He has everything to swallow what has landed in his mouth. For his motivation I jerk his cock and hit him hard with the whip. There is no mercy this time. Only if he has eaten everything properly, I give him the desired salvation. A small anal treatment on my part will stimulate him additionally. But although he tries hard and almost suffocated by my shit, he does not manage everything by far.That still has to get a lot better. I need in the long run only absolutely swallowing toilets.