Piss Drinking Gorge Profond

Big Xl Shitting In His Mouth!

I was for 1 week in a all inclusive holiday. You can imagine how much there was every day to eat …;) After a week toilets strike I could at home arrived finally free shit! Puuh, what a relief… Of course not in any toilet. No, for that I use my slave! He was able to finance the holiday well and eat my shit as a reward!

2nd Kv Scat Mix Compilation

Beautifull compilation (30 minutes) of the best scat moments of video 014 – 034 – 041 – 043 by MISTRESS ISABELLA. The full version of theese clips is available only here on Yezzclips, take a look at my Yezz store. All the video are in italian language, MP4 for a FAST download also for mobile.

My Orgasm And Shit

Fooling around in bed, I get my toys out and start playing with my toys and have multiple orgasms; once my partner sticks his finger up my ass I have to shit!He runs and gets me a bucket so I can shit off the side of the bed.