Piss Drinking On Face

Toilet Dog

Mistress Giorgia continues to use her toilet slave humiliating him more and more.Today, the Mistress ties the slave to a radiator with a rope.The toilet does not know what awaits him, but the Mistress has very clear what must do his toilet: drink all his piss !!!The slave is tied like a dog and the fantastic Mistress preys a bowl and pisses in, then obliges his toilet to drink everything. The toilet is tied with hands behind the back and sadistic Mistress likes to plug his mouth and kick him in the balls.Wonderfully sadistic Mistress Giorgia

Zelda’s Bowel Staining Ass Splacks

Zelda is back with another FUNKY Dozen minutes of Action!! Enjoy as she delivers the (s)hits in five great scenes. Enjoy as this sexy lil Mama still keeps cranking out funky load after funky load!! Enjoy as she shows off that sexy ass of hers As she squats and hovers in reverse over the bowl so you can see all the action!! Zelda has been on fire this summer, and she is back with more heat for these last days of summer!!

Pee Party

I celebrate with my Girls Miss Cherie and Miss Jane a little pee party. Our slave is properly filled with piss and we spit at the same time in many drinking cups which the slave must drink all together. Then, his stomach was full to the brim with our piss. Incidentally, I still trample around a bit on the loser and let him feel my heels.