Piss Drinking Pee Some

Patient Given A Large Dose Of Piss! – Full Movie

Two dominatrix nurses that are assigned to a single heavily injured patient found it a huge opportunity! He is unable to move for himself plus his eyes are covered, making it easy for them to take advantage of the man and get away with it! So they cuff him to the bed to prevent him from resisting and then take turns sitting on his face and rubbing their crotches on his mouth! Eventually, they start urinating all over him! To make things worse, they powerfully open his mouth and make him swallow a ton of piss! When they could no longer release anymore, they direct their attention to his dick and give it a handjob until he reaches orgasm and cums!

I Make The Houseboy Eat My Shit

Because he failed to garden the plants on time, I make him lie down so I can squat on his face. I inserted this plastic bottle and I peed on it. I make him swallow all my golden pee. Then I make him open his mouth and get ready for my shit. The glorious shit comes out of my asshole and I make him eat all of it!

1 Kg Of Shit

My favorite curvy model, Demetra (23 years old), is giving me great satisfaction. I asked her to stay at least two days without going poop to produce a video in which there was a kilo of shit. A mountain of steaming turds. Well, in effect, she deposits an incredible pile of warm shit: it will seem incredible that only one girl is able of doing so much shit! Evidently at Christmas she has eaten a large amount of food indeed. For fans of very large quantity of shit, this is a must watch video.