Piss Drinking Solo

New!mia Pov Foot Smearing Scat

Mia Pov Foot smearing Scat

2 Awesome Panty Poops

2~in~1#1 Poopie Panty Foot FuckMy First Panty Poop!! Feeling all that beautiful poop all over my feet and on my bottom really made me hot. I came so HARD after pooping my pretty white lace panties.I push the panties back into my butt and pull them out and push them back in letting you really see my butt and the panties. I then had Daddy come to me so I could take his cock in my shitty squishy shit filled feet and rub his cock really good with them. It really is hot and I wanted to cum so bad….I really got into it and made my pussy cum hard.#2 – 3 Day HUGE Panty POOPI held my poop for 3 almost 4 days and this was a HUGE Poop! It smeared Up my panties and into my pussy and really made a huge mess. You really get to see it up close and personal you can almost smell it!Felt So Damn Good!!!Enjoy! From your favorite Redhead!

Sloppy Shit Burger!

I had just finished eating a nice juicy hamburger and french fries when I realized I had to take a shit! Then I thought…why don’t I make you guys a sloppy shit burger? Watch me take a huge shit in my plate with leftovers and proceed to make you guys a delicious Sloppy Shit Burger! You want to sink your teeth into this one 😉

Thin Top, Thick End … A Dream Shit In The Rubber

And a really delicious scent! What’s hotter? : P