Piss Drinkung

2 Mistresses Fill A Slave With Shit And Piss! Full Movie

Here I have together with my girlfriend Lady Luciana, another toilet slave, filled with shit and piss. First, Luciana sat down with her hot ass on the face of the slave and he had to lick her asshole. While the slave licked Luciana’s asshole, she pooped him in the mouth and he had to eat her shit. After the slave had eaten Luciana’s shit, I stood over the slave’s mouth and pissed him a fat load of piss in his mouth, which he swallowed greedily. Then I squatted with my hot ass over the slave mouth and shit and pissed the slave full. Since he did not catch my shit properly, with his slave mouth, we fed him with our shit. Suddenly he started to choke and puke. As punishment that he puked our divine shit out, we squeezed his head, with our high heels, in the shit! What a punishment slave got later, you’ll see soon!

Bbw Pamela’s Toilet Slave

Little Looser is a Peeping Tom, a disgraceful and pathetic man, who simply adores opening suddenly toilet doors in the hope of finding young beautiful girls with amazing bodies… sitting on a toilet. But, it appears luck isn’t on his side this time! In fact, in the washroom BBW Pamela (275 lb. of pure malice!) is doing her things and she isn’t too happy to be disturbed by a worm like him. Now, it’s time to show him an exhibition of doubtful taste. At first she pees in a bowl (please, watch the disgusting color of her stinky urine!), them she pours it in the toilet bowl… without flushing the toilet (!!!). Finally, BBW Pamela pushes her new toilet slave’s head directly into the WC.

Shiteater Handcuffed To The Stairway Part 9 Gisele

His Arms handcuffed to the Stairway made an Excellent Toilet Chair for the Girls. Meanwhile the Girl checking her Messages the Slave was getting his Mouth filled with Diarrhea among other Things. Some found it very important him swallowing every little Bit of it, while others were a Bit more generous.English Subtitles

Public Toilet On A Very ….. Place…

Jody is doing one of the kinkiest scenes over filmed on poopcam…