Piss Enema Anal Games

Watch Me Shit

I do a close-up on my ass and I watch you shit

My Ass On Your Face

Almost naked a slave is allowed to enjoy my ass. Imprisoned in the face sitting box he has no way to move his head. I sit in the middle of his face, his nose slips between my ass cheeks and his mouth is firmly under pressure. I alone decide, when and how long he can breathe. As I sit here, I feel that I did not shit today and slowly urgently need to… How convenient, that my little facesitting slave is here to abuse him as a toilet just in the perfect position. So he will probably have no other choice than to open his mouth so I can shit finally. I will only let him go, when the whole shit and piss was swallowed. Well bad luck, so quickly the situation can change.

Shit Women

Sexy ebony women making a shitty smelly mess in the bathroom