Piss Enema Slave Barrys

Let’s Poop!

When a girl’s gotta go, a girl’s gotta go and if your slave is not available then a regular bathroom toilet will just have to do. Watch these rare separate occasions that I had no choice but to poop when my slave’s mouth wasn’t available.I even included a slow motion part so you can see how my creamy turds slide out slowly and see how the water splashes. There is even a little but of peeing action for the pee clip fans.This is part of my more affordable clip series for those whom simply can’t or don’t want to spend high amounts of money on scat clips :-)Note: I try to upload new clips every 48 to 72 hours as far as possible xoxo

Mistress Roberta – Lazy Pooping In Panties-pov

Today i am feeling lazy and i make my bed so i can poop and pee in it but also i will do your breakfast in the panties first i pee and after i poop an nice meatball looking poop and i get also smeared alot on my ass cheeks and ass hole so you will lick my ass clean and after you will eat the meatball and suck clean the panties the last one is the paper, enjoy!

Shit All Over

The perfect meal four a slave is the poo of the mistress and perfect smell four my body

7 Times Toilet – Closeup

I shit 7 times, the camera is close to my beautiful ass and sweet asshole.There has no face. It is only my ass, asshole and my shit.