Piss Face Spit

Mistress Gaia – Banana Scat

CUSTOM REQUEST Today a snack really special for you, dear wc. Along with my shit you eat this banana … you love it so much, don’t you? Also look the dirty feet I have! Perhaps before eating your snack you may have the privilege to clean them, we’ll see …

The Divine Shit And Piss, Of Your Mistress, For Your Toilet Mouth! Part 2

Here you see the second part where I, an additional toilet slave. fill with my divine shit and piss. After a nice turd was plopped into the mouth of the slave, the slave had to, under my austerities instructions, eat my shit. After the mouth was empty, he had the shit and my pee that had landed on the floor lick and slurp and swallow everything. As a reward the slave then was allowed to jerk off one and injected onto a plate and then lick the plate clean and swallow his sperm!


Oxana is hot messy shitting in nice pink fishnets and panties!