Piss Forced Funnel

Tasting My Disgusting Shit

If I deal with you, you will certainly have problems, bitch. I will be your hell and I will scoff at you. All that you do is to satisfy the refined lustful thoughts of the Lady. You must think before you give yourself up to me. I do not care about your past and your present – you will be my toilet. And this will be the highest degree of humiliation and insult. I’m laughing at you, pathetic stupid loser. Open your mouth wide and swallow my liquid shit. Do you like that? I know how you like it, bitch. Shut up and chew! Faster is more carefully stronger. I’ll feed you from my ass every fucking day!

He Is Pissing While She Whips His Balls

He is pissing while she whips his balls

Stupid Pervert In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time Part 1 Sharlene Hd.wmv

The Girls are standing in Line at an Office when they notice a Pervert observing them and touching his private Parts. Until the Situation explodes, they throw the Man on the Ground and poop in his Face and Mouth and make him swallow the Poop. Part 1 with Sharlene. English Subtitles

Chantal And Her Old Friend (part 2)

I visit my old friend again to use him as a toilet. The old man prepared everything as I ordered. Directly with his head under the toilet, my pee runs into his mouth. Ooops ? a bit of poo is there too? So he has something to chew *grin*.