Piss Fuckclit

Swallowing Diarrhea

This video is a more budget friendly production for those whom prefer not to buy expensive clips of for those who want to check out my work before moving on to the longer, more expensive video’s. This scene was meant for another production but I scrapped the idea because I had a nasty case of soft diarrhea shits and my slave was greedy and swallowed my soft runny shits as I pushed them out.Loud, wet and noise farts along with my runny shits. I was quite a bit gassy as well. Thankfully the last little bit of my shits landed more on his upper lip for you to see but if you’re a fan of good diarrhea swallowing action this short and budget friendly video clip is a must for your collection :-)I also included a “Slow-motion” part so you can see with how much loyalty he swallow my runny, nasty shitload. Despite the horrible smell I think this is my slave’s best diarrhea swallow to date. You can tell how much I enjoyed this by seeing how wet and swollen my vagina got lolPlease note: One of my studio lights blew just as we got started. I was able to enhance with some editing. Still the video does appear a little bit darker than my usual productions. However, you won’t miss any of the shitting and swallowing action. Halfway through my shits a sarcastically apologize to my slave for not being able to keep it in as I shit more nasty soft shit into his mouth that he greedily swallows 🙂

Mahogany Pushing And Jiggling Them Out!!

Mahogany is back with three great clips. ENjoy watching her wiggle and squirm to push out the logs from her model frame!! This ebony beauty really had to jiggle and wiggle to get these turds out her ass!! Another great clip from this sexy fit model!!

Nasty Crap Games In The Kitchen

Today, you’ll receive what is right perverted of me to piss I sehen.Erst beautiful in the Abwäsche and then a nice long shit I Wurst.Dabei it does not remain as you, did you think kannst.Ich saue so still around and really hope that you lust get my fingers because even to lick clean.