Piss German Fuck

Takahashi Miki First Scene

This is bikini model Takahashi Miki’s first poop attempt in front of a camera. She releases a tall piss fountain and pushes out a dissolved suppository from her gaping anus and a small piece of poo comes out later. She enjoys displaying her glorious body. Bonus shower scene at the end. Multi-angle views.

Introducing Geneva! Messy Diarrhea!!

Say hello to Geneva! Geneva is a lovely 38 year old MILF who may be new to this fetish, but to my shock was not afraid to get funky and nasty on film!!! Enjoy this (funky) debut, as she really drops three bowl splattering loads on the toilet. She seems to have a lot of difficulty even aiming for the bowl!! Enjoy as she leaves a total mess in three of the nasty clips I have yet to see!! A definite must have for you fans of the more extreme scat. Def be on the lookout for more from this hotty in even better quality!! Tons of Diarrhea, plops and splashes in this clip!! One of those wonderful suprises. Who knew she had this in her?! Trust this is the first of MANY hot clips from this milf!!

For User Shitting In Panty

Today there is a sausage in panty: P I shit a thick sausage in my panties … You also want one of those?

Shit For Breakfast

My slave had the nerve to say the eggs I made him for breakfast were too runny. Since he didn’t like the eggs, I decided to give him a huge pile of shit to eat instead! I crouched down over his plate and took a piss and a shit right over his eggs and told him to eat THAT!