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Old Man Made To Drink A Glass Of Piss! – Full Movie

It has been a while since this man has been working for this sweetheart, though, it is only now that he learns her true nature! With the two of them left alone in the house, the lady makes the guy strip off his clothes! Since he is a lowly servant, he is left with no choice but to follow her orders! When he is left with only his underwear, she starts whipping his entire body to submission! After he collapses on the floor, the woman proceeds to lay him on his back and then spit into his mouth! Though, she doesn’t spend much time with it but rather, moves on with rubbing her crotch on his face! Not long after, she takes off her panties and then makes him hold a glass on top of his face where she proceeds to take a piss! When she is done, she makes him drink every last drop of her urine!

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