Piss Grandma Mouther Daughter

Shit In A Sneaker

I once got my very old sneakers rausgekramt and thought to myself because I can shit really nice. I take my phone put me in front of my balcony door so that maybe one or the other neighbor can see me or secretly watching me squat on the sneakers and just shit off. I hope you like the clip 🙂

Lady Lucy First Time P7

After the slave has get his nipples with hot wax the ladies are spitting several times in his mouth. Then Mistress Michelle is peeing in a big glass and after that the slave have to swallow the full glass of the fresh pee from his Mistress.

Pee-pure Morning Laundering

Morning wash just pisses me quite anders.Erst an acquaintance on the hands and I wash my Gesicht.Danach so I leave the rest to me just to piss in my mouth cunt as special Mundspülung.Tja and what I do now with what’s inside everything in Washbasin is since the plug was in it?