Piss Granny Cat

Mistress Annabelle – Lick My Shit – Hd Ver.

This morning I went to the toilet. I hade a lot of nasty shit. My toilet slave likes to eat my shit for breakfast. Especially for him I shit on the floor. Now my toilet slut should lick my ass cleanly after the toilet. Usually I use it instead of toilet paper. He enters the tongue deep into my asshole. Lick carefully, try to accept your fate. But that is not all. Do you see huge pieces of shit on the floor? Lick and suck my shit, enjoy it. This is your food, stupid slave. Eat all my shit, come on, I need to see that the floor is clean. Ha-ha-ha! You really did it, my full toilet.

Shit And Shitty Anal

This was originally a custom video and the name ‘Junchan’ is used a handful of times throughout. I walk into the bathroom wearing just a bra and a short skirt. I strip off and ask you if you want to see me shit and tell you how dirty your mind is for wanting to see that. I push out a big pile right on to the floor and show it to you. I tell you how much I love shitting in front of you. Then I ask you if you want to stick your cock in my ass. God you’re so naughty! Ok, please put your cock in my dirty asshole. I fuck my ass with a very realistic 7 inch white dildo, moaning with pleasure and showing you the extremely messy results all around my asshole and on the dildo. So filthy!

The Shit Eater Comes To Late P2

Lady Kimi and Lady Domi are humiliating these slave and whip him, while first pile of shit is yet in the mouth of the toilet slave. The Scatqueens decides to shit another pile on top. Lady Kimi gets in position and pee into his mouth. After that it comes a great pile of shit out of her asshole and his mouth is filled up again with shit.