Piss Group Drinks

Alina Pooping In Mouth Toilet Slave After Vodka And Vegetable Stew With Meat

Today I woke up at 10 am and picked up the phone – I saw 6 missed calls from Alina and one message – I want to shit, I can not stand it! I immediately called Alina back and said that I was waiting for her, and she answered that she was already going .. When she shit I asked her what she had eaten for the last two days – she answered – I ate meat, meat, and last night drank 4 glasses of vodka.

Took A Long Thick Load

Mmm I’m lifted on my sink and want to show u every inch of my ass hole and how it expands when shit comes out but first I begin to pee everywhere I pee in every direction showing my pink ebony pussy this golden shower will have you drenched I then desperately being to shit I lift up and push and a long stinky slimy turd comes out opening my ass home to the max, creamy and different colors it slides down my sink it’s so fucking long and stinky that would glide down your throat ! I shit so much creamy long turds in my sink I even turn to my side and show my nasty ass and what I created with piss and shit in my sink I pick up the fattest turd I lick it and put it all in my mouth ,I suck on this nasty shit like a nasty bitch ! It’s so stinky and nasty ugh but I keep doing it when I’m done I begin to scoop all my shit out the sink and drop it in the toilet it’s a lot of shit and pee so nasty that it will make u come nasty fuck !

Ms D’s 48 Hours Of Funk!

Ms D is back with over 20 minutes of HOT action!! All recorded over a 48 hour period. Seems she ate something that fucked with her stomach at work and she had to take SEVERAL bathroom breaks over the course of the two days. Luckily for us she recorded them all!! Plenty of the Grunts and strains you have grown to love from Ms D and Plenty of plops and farts as well! You can even hear the sounds of other women using the toilet in adjacent stalls. A Great Two day collection from Ms D!! She Starts the action off with an all gas EXPLOSION!!! Looks like it wasn’t ready then. But she returned later that day for two more gassy dumps. The Fun carries over to the second day!! Nobody makes clips as loud and as gassy as Ms D!! If her boss was wondering where she went – She was in the Bathroom Boo-Booin!!!