Piss Her Mouth Like Toilet

The Face Slapping Support Part 1 Britany

We put the Man into a Barril and support the Feeding with Bitch Slapping him. The Problem however, Karina slaps so hard, it hurts like Hell. Our man totally freaked out and one would ask, what is worse for him, the Brown Shower or the Slapping. English Subtitles

Mistress Michelle And The Scat Gag P2

The toilet slave must now lie on the ground, so that Mistress Michelle can shit in his mouth. His gag is still in the mouth. The poop is now quite soft, convenient for the slave who can not chew with the gag. So he finds it a little easier to swallow the shit, without chewing, hahaha

Kaviar Babes Extreme!

Mimi and her girlfriends shitting extreme for the very first time! – Including shit smearing of a beautiful blonde girl….