Piss His Pants

Close Contact! Christina. Part 2!

Close contact! Christina. Part 2! Girls can realize a variety of fantasies with the toilet slave. Slave can be used, for example, in the role of furniture. The girl can lie on him like on a bed and enjoy the way he sniffs, kisses and licks her ass. The slave relaxes the anus of Mistress, who can relish fart into his mouth or give him to try a little piece of crap. And then, the toilet slave is used for his intended purpose. Mistress fills his mouth with her sweet shit, and then sits on it, pressing it into the slave’s mouth. The slave swallows very quickly so as not to suffocate. And this is a close contact.

Male Strapped To The Chair Of Piss And Poop!

A man finds himself naked and having his head strapped to a contraption resembling a chair! Shortly after, a sweetheart appears and takes a seat on top of the odd device! Without warning, she starts urinating and the victim gets his face rained with piss! He tries his best to put his face away, but being tightly restrained, there is little that he could do! Some of the urine later gets inside his nose and mouth, causing him to repeatedly gag and grasp for air! To make things worse, she has a completely filled bladder, causing the scenario to continue for a good duration of time!

Renee’s Rock Candy!!

Renee is one of my favorites!!! I show enjoy the solid collection of solids she consistently produces!!! This cutie unleashes a consistent barrage of “heavy sinkers”!!! Enjoy some more backsplashing logs. Then enjoy in one scene as she releases some Rock candy into a container to ship to one of her fans!! Seriously if you enjoy your treats from the ladies, she is one to collect!! Another great set from Renee!!

Mistress Tianhan Toilet Of Slavery

From China’s mistress and bleak, how beautiful and sexy. Training slaves do family tool and toilet of slavery