Piss In Clothes

Mistress Roberta Spanking And Enormous Diarrhea Into Throat

MISTRESS ROBERTA BACK WITH MORE SCAT MOVIES !! Today, she beat her slave and spank him hard. She use also a huge dildo on her toilet boy and destroy his ass. At the end she relieve her preasure from her bowels so she feed him her huge diarrhea. She begin feeding him with gloves and continue until he swallows..

Slave Cunt Tortured And Shit Into Mouth P1

Scatqueens Lady Domis Toilet Slave Cunt is kneeling in front of her. He get the whip and his face full of spit. With a long pair of pliers, his nipples are treated and his nose pinched before Lady Domi pisses him in his mouth with relish. After that she shits in his cunt mouth and he is swallow the shit slowly.

Waste Is The Slaves Mother

Mistress sitting on stool, lay down and let the slave. Mistress at the slave’s mouth began to move bowels, let slaves to clean. Then mistress with rubber gloves to waste into the slave’s mouth. Let the slave lick feces clean.

**new Special Menu** Scatology Restaurant Vol.1

**Vol.1**Welcome into the world of the scatology eatery! Back by popular demand we have a BRAND NEW installment of ***SPECIAL MENU*** The waitresses here don’t only serve the menu, they MAKE the menu! The clients eat their insides and also eat food out of their asses. The drinks served are pee and the topping on rice is normally sweet shit served freshly out of the waitresses assholes. PEE, SCAT, FARTING. We have it all! You will NOT see anything like this anywhere else. **MUST SEE** Special discount