Piss In Gaped Ass

Toilet Time 58 – 59

Had quite a gassy shit in this one. If you enjoy watching a girl take a shit with farts trapped in between her soft creamy turds & hearing them escape loudly this video is a must have! It’s such a turn on taking these big shits knowing there’s so many guys out there watching my turds slide out of my asshole and hearing my loud breathing & grunts.Not many girls are willing to take big shits for the world to see but in my case I love knowing there’s so many guys out there watching me take these big shits on the toilet. It’s such a huge turn-on knowing there so many of you watching – From Toilet Time 58Great soft shit, mixed diarrhea with loud breathing & grunting from yours truly. Yes, us girls get upset stomachs as well and I was kind enough to wipe in full view for you so you can see exactly how very dirty & smeared my asshole was with my nasty shit – From Toilet Time 59

Lady M – Strapon Fucking And Shitting Alone

Lady M combined today a bdsm movie and her 2 shitting movies alone.In the first part she use her slave for a strapon fucking session and waxing his cock and balls, then she shitting on a plate, 2 times, filling it with huge turds.

Mistresses Humiliation Party! – Full Movie

Full movie? Gang of Mistresses are gathered around in the dungeon where their slaves are humiliated one by one, humiliated by means of being delivered with their fresh golden juice and liquid shit too! Mistresses sure knows how to have a good time.