Piss In Jeansboy

Dildoes In Pussy, Cumming In Mouth And Pissing

A great combined mix of 3 different actions : In the first one, a couple playing in their bedroom with toys in pussy and the girl squirting on sheets, in the second one, a quickie blowjob and a cumshot in mouth with cumm drooling and at the end, a superb model girl playing with herself in bathtub, and pissing into a bowl where she clean her apple. And for a great humiliation, after she clean her apple in her piss, she eat it !

Shit Eating Encouragement

Erica encourages shit eating as she sits on her queening chair. Talking dirty and taking a nice shit. Once she is done she lays down next to the pile of shit and talks to you and encouraging you to eat it all up as if you were laying on the other side of the pile of shit.As I’m talking you into eating my pile of shit, it turns me on and I play with myself while you are enjoying my shit.

Husband’s Hidden Agenda – Part 3

Part 3 – This guy has an hidden agenda, his wife doesn?t know that he is like this! To fullfil his desire, he converted their basement into a dungeon where he hides his other woman who is there to only service him!!! After work, he visits the dungeon and get his slave to lick his ass, suck his dick, smell his farts and of course drinks his piss and receives his feces!