Piss In Mouth Extreme

The Slave Drink Pee From The Glass

Today, Mistress Giorgia Divina has decided to make her divine golden rain to the slave in a special way: She drinks a glass and for him instead prepares a beautiful glass full of piss.The slave who has always been insulted by the Mistress is obliged to smell and then drink from the glass the warm golden liquid. She does not like the Mistress decides to immerse his foot in the glass to lick his rain directly from the glass, of course the slave is spit in the meantime and the tweezers are applied to the nipples …


Hot teasful panty pooping and peeing!

Shitting On The Sidewalk

She is walking her way to the mall when her stomach starts to grumble. She thinks of rushing to the nearest restroom and shit there, but right now her stomach is really painful and there’s no way to hold it in. She slides down her panties, squats on the sidewalk, and unloads sticky smelly shit right there on the ground. She wipes herself off with tissue afterwards and walks away as if nothing happened.

Andalusian Piss House 03

We shoot one week in the south of Spain and slave boy Tommy was the lucky one, who drunk all the piss of two beautifull girls: Pamela and Nadine.Older clip,nice but not the best video quality, but a low price!