Piss In My Mouth Guy

Oops, My Toilet Is Broken

I am in going to use the toilet after my morning shower, but my plumbing is broken! But my toilet slave is here to assist me and I am waiting him to come in the toilet and take this position. I am going to use his mouth further! He doesn’t have a choice! He must take my huge smelly shit!

Adelina Frau – Incredible Shit

Adelina Frau toilet-slave eat her shit. She so pretty and beatifull model and love to shit in the slave mouth. She full up toilet slave with her feces. Also she make him to lick her boots with his tongue to clean it. He sucks the heels and submissively fulfills whims of her Mistress. Now it’s time to lunch. The slave opens his mouth, and Adelina fills it with warm shit. Adelina pushes the remaining shit into the slave’s mouth and immediately sits on his face so that he cannot spit out. And a lot of shit gets to his stomach. He has no choice but he must eat everything. It’s incredible – the slave is eating the crap of a beautiful girl and enjoying it!

Mistress Roberta – Cbt And Shit Swallowing On A Massage Bench

ANOTHER FEEDING STORY WITH GODDESS ROBERTA ! Today, she USE HER TOILET FOR CBT ! After she destroy his cock and balls she order him to open his mouth to feed him a nice turds ! She shit into his throat then she begin feeding him with gloves.SOON … !!! We are proud to announce you that The 2017 AVN Award fetish girl GLAMYANYA will collaborate with us and she will make movies for our store !!! Check her and you will be in love to buy her dirty movies !!!! She is one of the best Romanian Mistresses and she is also into full toilet play with her slaves ! And without mask, with visible face, …..prices will be very high for her movies, she says that already…..so….take care what you wish or you will become addicted !!! Make some savings because in 1 week we will deliver her movies.

I Spiked Their Drink With Laxative! – Full Movie

He invites the unsuspecting girls over to his house for a few drinks. What they didn’t know is that he spiked the drinks with laxative so they will shit all over the house. A few minutes after sipping the drinks, the girls start to retch and scatter scat all over the floor! The delighted bastard scoops the scat from the floor and crams it into his wretched mouth!