Piss In The Office

Compelled To Swallow My Shit

I have an everyday slave, and he is my toilet! His job is to serve me when I require this. So lying on the floor, he cleans my shoes and kisses my feet. But the most delicious treat from me is waiting for him at last. I feed him with my shit. And it will always be so, as long as you obey me.

Orgasmic Pee!

A new game for me today! With my white pantyhose I’m on the floor in relax. I want to try a new pee game! So I bring my hitachi and oh my god… It’s so painful resist… I need to pee… but I don’t want to go to the toilet! What a great pee in my white pantyhose… You can see it very up close… Now all my pussy and my pantyhose are so wet… It’s the time for a powerful, great clitorid orgasm! I scream so much for the pleasure! You must to see it!

Toilet Pov-eat My Big Thick Sausage

Come Looser slave!! smoke and leave you waiting extra…..when the mistress wants,then they brought you drooling slaves a big thick shit!!open your mouth….

Gawk Supervisor Asshole, Pooping & Pussy Cream Alarm

so I’ll call it. Beautiful close for my Thomas. I’ll keep my ass in the camera, then it’ll go, only what drips … then i poop .. and so it goes alternately on .. In the end, I turn around da darfste nochma look ..