Piss Ind Diaper

Poop Humiliation

This is a solo roleplay video where I talk to a woman (who is behind the camera) who is my ex-sorority girl about my pathetic ex boyfriend (that’s you). I taunt you with my body, then pull you in and make you lick my pussy while I sit on the toilet. I love humiliating you, so I tell my sorority girl to take some photos of me making you do these humiliating things, and maybe we’ll put them on the internet. I push out a little bit of my shit so it’s still inside my ass but hanging out a little and tell you to sniff it. Then I shit into the toilet bowl, while you eat my pussy and are have to breathe in the fumes. Then I shove your head into the bowl and make you smell my shit, your nose touching the dirty water. All the way through your ordeal I get my friend to take pictures, tell her humiliating things about you and pose with you in these embarrassing positions. You better hope these don’t go online, but then, you’re so pathetic and worthless I think you deserve the embarrassment!

Ye The Queen’s Urine

The queen sat face to slave ass worship, slave lick the queen’s smelly feet. The queen’s big clitoris on the slave’s mouth began to pee.

Pee Dirty Talk

ou’re standing on it watching me when I pee for you? Then you should not miss this clip, because not only that I piss my pee for you on the bare floor, no you get it even a horny NS Dirty Talk. Imagine how it is to sip my precious juice and to lie under my wet pussy here. Very horny close-ups.

Piss Chick Lindat And Her Sexy Miniskirt

Lindat enters the bathtub and starts to undress. First she takes off her sexy miniskirt and then her top – until she wears a black thong only! But of course she takes it off too…! Then she leans against the wall and starts peeing into the bathtub! Watch her how she let the golden liquid flow!