Piss Into Moms Asshole

Some Casual Daily Poops

4 poops in a row ,-)

Playboy Dines On Piss And Shit!

He is a famous playboy and out in public, he’s the man, always with several chicks whenever he goes out. Things change when they get into his mansion, inside his dungeon playroom. In there he is the pussy, a slave for them chicks to play with. See, the girls take turns hiking up their evening dresses and peeing, shitting on his face. His face is showered in warm pee and his mouth is stuffed with clumps of shit. The girls spread the shit all over his face, just like an organic beauty mask!

Girls Into Shit

Fantastic teenage Shitloving newcomers you have never seen before on camera!!They love to play with their feces and also try to eat them… – super kinky movie..

Pb & Poop Sandwich!

OK guys, I decided to make a tasty treat which I’m sure you would love! Watch as I take a huge dump on a plate and proceed to make a delicious Peanut Butter & Poop sandwich…won’t you love to sink your teeth into that!