Piss Into Own Mouth

Mistress Anita – New Strapon Fucking And Diarrhea

SHE IS BACK !!! NEW SCAT MOVIE WITH MISTRESS ANITA !!Mistress Anita is back again with a new diarrhea movie. Today you can see action like : she humiliate her toilet in her room, destroying his asshole with her strapon and other huge toys, she order him to suck his shit from strapon, pissing on him while she jerk off, to cumm at her orders and at the end she order him to wait for her in bathtub until she prepare his suculent meal : A NICE SHITTY DIARRHEA !!! Slave know his fate and he will be feeded again, as usually !

Mrs.kate Trampling Pissing Svat Domination

Kate places shit in her slave’s mouth and tortures his body with heels. Kate tied the slave to a special table for torture. At first, Kate pissed into the slave’s mouth, and then she began to emit liquidchocolate poop. His mouth was full. Now, she begins to torture his body with sharp heels. The servant is lying down and writhing with pain with his mouth full of shit.

The Measure P1

A friend of Mistress Michelle brings a toilet slave to trained him to eat shit. Soon plops a big turd in the mouth of the toilet slave. Even piss and spit gets the slave.

Vfsu 1+2 Part 3/6

Enjoy the fascinating secret sounds of Girls farting, pooping, grunting, groaning and pissing. This is part 3/6 of the unique VFSU Series (University) which was created in April 2014. A lot of natural toilet scenes on 6 toilets with 18 student girls. Enjoy!!