Piss Into Penis Pump

Open Your Mouth And Drink My Pee

Stripping off of my sexy mini black dress, hot lingerie – bra and panties, high heels, showing my beautiful big labia cunt, asshole, nipples. Riding a huge dildo on the floor and at the end giving an abundant POV golden shower, as if I pee right on your face and mouth!

Training To The Toilet P2

First, the slave must eat the shit on the instructions of Mistress Michelle. Then he has to lick the grid. There’s shit on it. Mistress Michelle then spits in his mouth and shits into the cage on the hand of the toilet slave. He can not eat that. He has to lick it, very slowly.

Swallow, Dipshit

On my morning walk I reach a little brook, so I throwed some stones into the water. Then a guy from the local water supplier came along and told me, that he has to supervise this area. I was bored of him, so I showed to him, how I supervise him! I rip his Shirt and then I dominate him. In the cold water he must do, what I say. Of course he had to eat a huge amount of pee and shit from me. I think he will never Forget this morning! *smile*