Piss Leeping Friends Face

Introducing Berry C! She’s About To Burst!!

Welcome yet another newcomer to the squad!!! Berry C is a Round the way girl I discovered. This one is special as this lil mama is about to be a lil mama in real life!! Enjoy her Debut clips as she Stars off with a nice shower scene. Then enjoy a quick pee and an up close between the legs dump as she squats over the toilet. Lookout for more hopefully in the future. I say hopefully as this one was a hard recruit! She’s a little shy, but hopefully we can catch a few more preggo dumps from this cutie!!!

Goodness Grace Is Bending Over Backwards!!

One thing is for Certain, everybody can’t wait to see a new Grace clip!!! In this one you will see even her boo thang had to sneak a quick peek in the bathroom as she does her thing!!! Enjoy as Grace bends that Georgia Peach over right in front your face and spreads her hole nice and wide to release a nice mix of runs and solids into the toilet. A great mix of Ass, solids, and diarrhea!! Grace continues her ascendancy to the head of throne with this set!!

Human Toilet Paper

Today I caught him my personal slave as she touched things that must NOT touch. I handcuffed and degraded to the point of transforming it into my door toilet papers. And not ‘very lucky’ cause he had to feel closely the fragrance of my terrible diarrhea poop … a lot of springs that serve meters of toilet paper!

No Matter What It Tastes Like

Hahaha… Today we had a nice victim here. The loser tried to be funny, but we liked more to torture him a bit. His grinning turned into fear. We used the penis pump, nipple clamps and kicked his balls several times. The loser had never been a toilet before, so he was not able to swallow the nice brown piece of shit from Miss Jane. So I peed into his mouth also. We had to stuff his mouth with all this mess, so he had a nice first time as a toilet. *grin*