Piss Lesbian Dominations

Mistress Roberta -toilet Training In The Morning

Today my pot gets a new training as my toilet i teach him how to hold my ass for me to shit confortable in his mouth but before he haves to lick clean inside my panties because he made me wait too much today and he almost lost the shit today so first he haves to clean the shit on the panties and after i put his hands in the position to hold my ass so i pee, poop a nice soft diarrhea on his entire face and neck and soon he was full with the diarrhea and swallowed all he haves in his mouth and shows the empty mouth .

Scat Coffee On The House In Hd (wmv)

You love my coffee, and you ask how is it so good every single time. I tell you its a secret,you wouldn’t want to know. But eagerly You ask to see it in action so I take of my panties and I squat, I open my ass so that you can see how its REALLY made, the soft serve ass chocolate smoothly leaves my ass and fills your cup. There is one last drop and walla..You breathe in its rich bold scent and I add the hot water and tell you to drink up. #ourlittlesecret

How Much Can I Piss?

How much can I piss? I piss in a measuring mug and appear it!